1 soldier , 3 mercenaries  killed in Afrin

Afrin Liberation Forces revealed by a statement  the results of two operations carried out by their forces in Afrin.


The statement noted:

Our fighters continue to carry out operations in Afrin and its vicinity against Turkish invasion army and its thugs.

-Our units carried out an operation against Turkish-backed Firqat al-Hamza jihadists in between Basuta and Kurzala villages in occupied Afrin on February 17. 3 terrorists were killed, 5 were wounded as result of clashes.

-We have earlier announced that a soldier and 2 terrorists were injured in an operation carried out by our forces against Turkish-backed terrorists in Bilbul town of Afrin on February 17. We confirmed that the injured soldier called Umut Öznütepe has later died of his wounds on February 18.

Afrin Liberation Forces

February 20, 2018



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