2 children fell in Zerkan river

Two children fell in Zerkan River yesterday. Rescue teams rescued one of the children while the search for the other child is still underway.


Yesterday, the two children, Alaa Izz al-Din Badran, 7 years old and his brother Mubarak Izz al-Din, 8 years old, from the village of Baysis of Zerkan district, fall in Zerkan river between Zarkan district and Kesra village.

Immediately, rescue teams "divers" went to the river and began searching for the two children. Soon they managed to save the child Mubarak.

The correspondent of our agency(ANHA) reported that the rescue teams are still continuing in their search for the child Alaa, but they did not find him until the preparation of this news.

It is noteworthy, the level of water in the river has increased significantly recently due to heavy rains in the region.



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