2nd conference of HPC concluded by electing General Council

The activities of the Second Conference of the Society Protection Forces(HPC) ended with the election of a General Council for HPC and the issuance of a number of recommendations and resolutions.


The conference began its work Sunday morning at the Aram Tikran Center for Culture and Art in Rumailan town with the participation of 590 members of HPC at the level of al-Jazeera region and in the presence of delegations of Autonomous Administration in al-Jazeera region.

The conference's work started with holding a minute of silence, followed by number of speeches were delivered by the guests. A divan of 5 members was formed, after which the rules of procedure were read and the articles were discussed and approved by the members.

Followed by reading and discussing the annual report of the work of the HPC for three years.

A council for HPC at the level of al-Jazeera region composed of 63 members was elected.

The conference concluded by issuing a number of resolutions and recommendations issued by the conference, including:

1. HPC undertake the duty of self-defense in the face of genocide, culture and military occupation in areas, cities and most of the territories.

2. The organization of all sections of society shall be the basis for HPC.

3. Opening of intellectual and military courses.

4. Equal representation of both sexes shall be taken as its basic principle.

5. Struggles against sexual discrimination in societies and male domination.



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