4 Turkish soldiers killed in Bedlîs

The HPG carried out a special operation targeting the soldiers of the Turkish occupation army who were combing the area of Bedlîs, killing at least four soldiers of the Turkish occupation army.

The HPG's Media Center issued a written statement regarding the operations carried out by their forces:

 "On 15 May, the Turkish occupation army began combing the field of Sheikh Juma and the square of martyr Mezgin in Bedlîs.

On May 16, at 10:30, our forces carried out an operation targeting the units of the Turkish occupation army, which was combing in the Shnadokhan valley in Sheikh Juma square. There were close strikes of two enemy vehicles and the enemy soldiers, which resulted in the destruction of the two vehicles and the killing of 3 soldiers of the Turkish occupation army and wounding a large number.

On the same day, at 18:40, our forces carried out another operation targeting the soldiers in the same location and were subjected to severe blows, but it was not confirmed the number of dead and wounded soldiers of the enemy in this action.

"On 18 May, our forces observed a military unit at Coltai Hill. At 18:45 on the same day our forces directed a blow to that unit, killing one soldier and injuring another.

On the evening of 19 May, the Turkish occupation army withdrew from the area without any results. During the operation, the Turkish occupation army shelled the place with helicopters. "

Air attacks

In response to the air attacks carried out by the Turkish occupation army planes, HPG said: "On 20 May, Turkish warplanes bombed the Tal Sur area in Avaşîn area at 12:30. The Avaşîn valley was shelled between 13:30 and 14:30 without causing any damage to the ranks of our forces.



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