5 Members of Criminal Security Force injured in al-Hasakah

Five members of the security forces of the regime were injured in al-Hasakah after a hand grenade was thrown at them by Tlass al-Hafian, while the regime's forces managed to arrest him after he tried to escape.


According to the information obtained, 5 members of the "Criminal Security " of the regime forces in al-Hasakah were wounded by superficial and medium injuries after a bomb was thrown at them by "Tlass al-Hafian", near the Zohdi Hanna primary school in al-Masaken neighborhood.

The information said that the case of revenge exists between al-Hafian and the elements of Security Forces, which prompted him to attack them.

Al-Hafian was arrested after he tried to escape. The wounded were taken to al-Loeloa Hospital for treatment.



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