50 ISIS mercenaries fight in Libya

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed that among the Syrian mercenaries that Turkey sent to fight in Libya, a battalion of 50 ISIS mercenaries.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned from reliable sources that a battalion of ISIS with about 50 mercenaries headed by a former security officer in ISIS mercenaries from the eastern Homs countryside went to fight in Libya alongside the Accord government.

The mercenary who headed the group was a leader earlier during the ISIS occupation of the city of Homs, and the “leader” mercenary pledged allegiance to Jabhet Al-Nusra after the ISIS collapse in the Badia, and went to the areas of the Turkish occupation in Afrin, then moved to fight in Libya with 49 mercenaries from ISIS alongside Accord Government.

The Libyan National Army announced earlier the arrest of Muhammad al-Ruwaidani, known as (Abu Bakr al-Ruwaidani or al-Baidani), “one of the most dangerous ISIS mercenaries who moved from Syria to Libya.”

This comes amid international calls to cease external interference that is exacerbating the situation in war-torn Libya.

For several months, Turkey has moved Syrian mercenaries from northern Syria to Tripoli to fight alongside the Accord Government against the Libyan army.

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