6 of Daesh's mercenaries killed in Makhmour

Iraq announced the killing of six mercenaries of Daesh in the area of Makhmour, following a raid by the Global Coalition aircraft.

The Iraqi Security Information Cell announced that the Iraqi forces carried out today, with the support of the Global Coalition, a military operation against mercenaries of Daesh on the border of Makhmour district of the province of Nineveh in northern Iraq.

The security cell said in a statement that the command of the military operation was able to besiege a group of armed mercenaries of Daesh  in the mountains of Kirkuk. While the Global Coalition aircraft carried out an air strike against a group of mercenaries in the vicinity of Makhmour.

According to the statement the action resulted in killing of  6 mercenaries, the bodies of four of them were in the hands of the Iraqi Security Forces.


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