​​​​​​​A new "Russian-Turkish" patrol west of ad-Dirbasiyah district

Russia and the Turkish occupation state continue to conduct joint military patrols on the Syrian-Turkish border in implementation of the Sochi understandings reached by the two parties, as a new patrol was conducted west of ad-Dirbasiyah district on Thursday morning.

The joint patrol started from the village of Sherk, west of ad-Dirbasiyah district, and toured the villages of "Qaramani, Tel Kadish, Ghanameya, Kerbatli, Amrzou Bash, Tel Karma, Mudawara, Khaskeh, Khashifiya, Kharzeh and Jawhariya", to return to its starting point in Sherk village.

The patrol included 4 armored vehicles from both sides, in addition to two Russian helicopters for observation.

 A Turkish drone bombed twice in a row the Russian coordination point in ad-Dirbasiyah district of al-Hasakah canton which resulted in the injury of three members of the Russian forces and three members of the Syrian government forces accompanying them, in addition to the injury of a citizen from Amudah district.


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