A number of important decisions issued during DAA meeting

The Executive Board of the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) issued a number of service decisions during its periodic meeting with the seven DAA departments.

The Executive Board of the Democratic Autonomous Administration in North and East of Syria held its monthly periodic meeting with the co-chair of the seven civil and autonomous administrations.

The meeting was attended by the co-chair of the Executive Board, Abdul Hamid Al-Mehbash and Berivan Khalid and their deputies, and the co-chairs of the seven administrations, in a hall at the DAA headquarters of North and East Syria in Ain Issa district of Girê Spî canton.

The meeting started with a minute of silence. The participants then discussed the most prominent political developments in the region in general and the areas of north and east of Syria in particular, especially the recent declaration of the Syrian Democratic Forces by geographical elimination and its repercussions on the region and the world at large.

The participants also referred to the Turkish elections at the beginning of this month, which reflected negatively on the AKP. The participants stressed that it was a reflection of Erdogan's policy against the peoples and his colonial ambitions.

Reports were subsequently received from the seven administrations, including their future work and plans, as well as discussing the problems and difficulties encountered during the work and ways to resolve them.

After extensive discussion, the participants decided to intervene urgently to intensify the supervision of the markets through trade unions and supply committees, to control the excessive price increases, especially during the previous period.

The co-chair of the Executive Board also decided to provide support to finance service projects in the newly liberated areas of Al-Sousse, Al-Shafa and al-Bagouz, in preparation for the return of the residents.

 During the meeting, the co-chair of the Executive Board directed the civil administration of Deir ez-Zor to start the completion of service projects in the areas under its administration.

Among the decisions that have been taken is support for the administration of al-Shahba to treat cases of leishmaniasis, especially among the displaced from Afrin.

The Executive Body of Democratic Autonomous Administration urged co-chairs of the seven administrations to form fuel committees to secure and provide to the people as quickly as possible.

The Executive Board of the Democratic Autonomous Administration meets periodically monthly with the autonomous and civil seven administrations to see the reality of the work and this meeting is the sixth of its kind.


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