AA's chancellor explains reasons of the constitutional committee failure

The chancellor of the Autonomous Administration of North and East of Syria Anwar al-Mushrif said that the failure of the meeting of the constitutional committee was expected, because the committee did not express the Syrian people inevitably doomed to failure, and that the project of AA continues to transform Syria from a central state to a pluralistic and decentralized state for all the Syrian people.

The chancellor 's comments came in response to the failure of the so-called Constitutional Committee to hold its meetings and leave the Syrian regime delegation.

At the beginning of his speech, al-Mushrif explained "the meeting of the Constitutional Committee to draft a new constitution for Syria was clear that it would fail," noting that "the formation of this committee is contrary to Security Council resolution 2,254, one of which provides for the participation of all components of the Syrian people in the drafting of the constitution."

"This committee is completely absent part of the Syrian people, which is the north and east of Syria, and this region has more than 5 million people, and they are representatives of the administration of NE, Syria, and do not forget SDF, which proved during the Syrian crisis, national forces by maintaining the unity of Syria and fighting ISIS. "

"The Constitutional Committee, if not expressive of the Syrian people, is inevitably doomed to failure. The people in Geneva are supposed to be elected by the Syrian people, who authorized them to do so and therefore are not authorized by the Syrian people," he said. Referring to the peoples of NE, Syria, she said, "This committee does not represent us and the constitution that will result from it does not represent us."

At the end of the speech of the chancellor in the Autonomous Administration of North and East of Syria Anwar al-Mushrif said: "We believe that until the end of the Syrian crisis is to transform Syria from a centralized state to a decentralized pluralistic democratic state for all its people, which is in place through the project of AA in which we started and continue our project. ".



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