​​​​​​​Abo Azem: Democratic nation, awareness are basis for standing up to Turkish special war

The Administrator of the Democratic Society Academy in al-Hasakah canton said that the Turkish occupation harnesses technology in its own war against the peoples of the region, explaining that the democratic nation and awareness are the basis for standing up to the Turkish special war.

Eliminating future hope and self-confidence is the goal of many countries' strategy using it for special war, deepening secondary and artificial contradictions, marginalizing the basic contradiction and creating internal conflict.

The primary goal of special war is to control the mentality and emotion of society, create anxiety and lack of self-confidence or revolution and management; thus, society is affected in this way.

Among these countries that take the special war as a method in their plans in addition to the implementation of massacres and agendas is the Turkish occupation state, as its system depends on lying, distortion and malicious propaganda as well as its use of violence and intimidation.

It harnesses technology in serving special war

The Administrator of the Democratic Society Academy in al-Hasakah canton, Abdullah Abo Azem, says: "At the present time, we face many challenges and difficulties through the brutal practices of the Turkish state to implement its influence in the Middle East, especially northern and eastern Syria."

"The Turkish occupation state intends to adopt new methods of war to control all fields. Besides psychological warfare, it provides science and technology for the benefit of special war policies, and tries to eliminate the brotherhood of peoples and the ideology of the democratic nation in the region. Abo Azem said: "Through this war in direct and indirect ways, and from its internal pressures, it works to discredit the region, create sectarian conflicts and sow discord among all its components."

Abo Azem indicated that the occupying Turkish state exerts a special war on societies, through visual media such as propaganda with the aim of reaching the largest number of people to keep society unconscious and confine it to a specific thought.

Awareness is essential in standing up to special warfare

Closing the way to what the Turkish occupation state pursues; the special war in Syria in general and northern and eastern Syria in particular, academicians, intellectuals and thinkers are required to be able to analyze the facts, the aim of publishing or implementing them, in addition to clarifying their purpose to the people.

The Administrator of the Democratic Society Academy in al-Hasakah canton indicates that all the peoples of the region and academicians must educate the community in order to repel the attacks of the Turkish occupation carried out by all brutal methods. He continued: "We must follow the approach of the democratic nation and get to know it properly to educate society because awareness is the basis for standing up to these occupations."

He added: "Standing in the face of special war is not only about carrying weapons against the enemy because the enemy's special war interior is hidden, and it must be confronted with ideas to control its methods. In addition, academicians must spread among society, and introduce it to these ideas, and what are the solutions that must be adhered to."

The Administrator of the Democratic Society Academy in al-Hasakah canton, Abdullah Abo Azem, called at the end of his speech for all groups of society to join the ideological academies to create awareness within the community from an intellectual and political point of view and stand in the face of the Turkish occupation.



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