Abu al-Gheit: situation in Lebanon is extremely grave... sliding into what is graver

The Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, Mohamed Abu al-Gheit, warned that "the situation in Lebanon is extremely grave, and goes beyond being just an economic crisis or inflation."

Abu al-Gheit pointed out that Lebanon faces a "comprehensive crisis that has serious social and political repercussions, and can unfortunately slip into what is more dangerous." He expressed his fear that "civil peace in the country will be threatened by the tremendous economic and social pressures that the Lebanese are subjected to."

He said in an interview with Middle East News Agency: "The truth is that I, far from any political considerations, feel the suffering of the Lebanese citizen who suddenly found himself, and because of circumstances that he has no income in and out of his control, and his income level has declined dramatically, and has slipped under the poverty line."

He pointed out that "half of the Lebanese people now live under the poverty line, and the quarter lies below the extreme poverty line, which is a very disturbing situation in a country that has a special composition that we all know. Therefore, I fully understand the suffering of the Lebanese, and suffer from the social tragedies we witness and read about, such as the suicide of citizens due to poverty, and their inability to meet the necessary needs of their children. "

Al-Gheit added: "I sincerely hope that the political class senses this unprecedented suffering, because, so far, I do not see that the reaction of the political class as a whole to the crisis reflects what we had hoped for from a sense of national responsibility or a sufficient awareness of the gravity of the situation facing the country, Unfortunately, narrow interests are still prevalent over the interests of the country, which deepens the crisis. "

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