Abu Al-Salem clan: Which crimes they talk about, where is evidence?

The notables of Abu Al-Salem clan in Tal Hamis area explained that the fabricated allegations made by some cultural elites and notables that claim representing the eastern region against the Autonomous Administration and the Syrian Democratic Forces are nothing but attempts to sow discord and division among the Kurds and Arabs, and they asked: "Where are those crimes that they talk about, and where is their evidence?"

Recently, a group claiming to be cultural elites and notables from the eastern region of Syria in Raqqa, Deir Ezzor and Al-Hasakeh  made allegations that the Autonomous Administration and the SDF are committing violations against the components of the region. In response to these allegations, a number of notables from the clans of Al-Jazeera region said: “If their allegations are true, let them give evidence.”

Sheikh Ahmad Badran Al-Salem, sheikh of Abu Al-Salem clan of Al-Sharabin tribe told our agency: "These allegations are false and malicious. The SDF and the Autonomous Administration established the security in the region." He said: "Where are those crimes that they claim? So that we can stand on our own if you are honest?"

Ahmad Badran noted that their children are fighting in the ranks of the Syrian Democratic Forces, and defend their regions. This is a duty. He indicated that these forces liberated the people of the region without any discrimination.

Al-Salem denounced the Turkish practices against the Syrian people, and stated that Turkey does not have the right to occupy Syrian lands. “Whoever protects the Syrian lands are our Syrian children who have joined forces with each other. As for those who came to the Turkish tanks to occupy the Syrian lands and killed the Syrians, they should hold themselves accountable for the crimes they committed first. " he said.

You should not be dragged behind the disinterested and the weak-minded individuals

Badran noted that the Syrian Democratic Forces and the administration demand the Syrian-Syrian unity, dialogue, and the people’s freedom and absolute justice. They do not demand Syrian territories division."

Badran made an appeal to the people of the region: "It is our duty to defend the region and to be part of the Syrian Democratic Forces that defend us and ensure security and stability in the region, and the Arab clans should make their children aware, and not be drawn behind the weak-minded and the disinterested."

Youssef Abdel-Othman Al-Abo, one of the notables of Abu Al-Salem clan, from the village of Battakh Al-Salem said about false allegations: “It is an attempt to separate the ranks and it doomed to fail. We are all one people in one ditch. If those who made the allegations are good people, they should go and liberate Ras Al-Ain and the Syrian territories occupied by Turkey.”

Al-Abo explained: "Our blood was mixed and we succeeded. These allegations are of no concern to anyone. They are merely media statements aimed at undermining the democratic experience in the region. We know what is happening in the region and what is being done for the sake of its security and stability. For those who accuse us and make those allegations, let them come here and see who is fighting for Syria."

Al-Abo called on all parties and actors in the Syrian file to support the Autonomous Administration and said: "The most stable and secure regions in Syria in particular and the Middle East in general are the areas of the Autonomous Administration."

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