Academy explains Turkish occupation's goal  of special, psychological war

The Administrator of the Martyr Berjem Academy, Fatima Kalash, explained the goal of the Turkish occupation of special war, and how to spread it among society, pointing to the need for cultural awareness, training and educating young people.

The Turkish occupation state adopts a special war approach to achieve its colonial goals and projects in the Middle East in general, and northern and eastern Syria in particular.

The Turkish occupation works through its special war to deepen mistrust and secondary ethnic and religious contradictions among the peoples of the region to create internal conflict.

How to use and its purpose

The Administrator of the Martyr Berjem Academy of the Democratic Society in ad-Dirbasiyah, Fatima Kalash, explained to  Hawar news agency that the Turkish occupation uses all material and moral means free from humanity with the aim of subjecting the societies to the will of the occupiers.

The Turkish occupation uses remunerated tools to spread lies, deception and misinformation through the yellow pages, in addition to spread lies among the peoples of northern and eastern Syria to ensure the occurrence of an internal rift, and facilitate the penetration among the components and groups of the people.

Fatima Kalash noted that the Turkish occupation aims to delude the peoples of the region that they do not live in security and stability, and continued by saying, "it resorted to the use of violence, weapons, and even terrorism in the areas it occupied to control all levels and society."

Technology is used to breach families and youth

Turkey, since the announcement of the Autonomous Administration in North and East Syria, seeks to thwart it, as it sees it as a threat to its dictatorship based on killing and marginalization, and tries to undermine the will of the peoples of northern and eastern Syria by sowing discord among the revolutionary popular base and discrediting the seven administrations in northern and eastern Syria, in addition to creating sedition, sectarian strife and rumors by subjugating the media to lies and misleading the facts.

Fatima said: "One of the special warfare tools that Turkey uses is technology and the internet to infiltrate all families as much as they can, and spread drugs, sex, and vice among young people because youth are the basis of revolutionary societies that compete with injustice."

She added: "It tries to dissolve the revolutionary reformist relationship between youth and society to distract them from their basic goals of creating a true society whose main base is youth and women. Turkey realizes that what North and East Syria Revolution achieved was by virtue of women and youth who sacrificed 12,ooo martyrs. "

Fatima believes that "standing in the face of the special war policies committed by Turkey requires preserving the gains of the July 19th Revolution and awareness of society, in addition to not being dragged behind the false news and Turkey's ways of distracting the youth from the reality in which they live."

 In conclusion, the Administrator of the Martyr Berjem Academy of the Democratic Society in the area of ad-​​Dirbasiya, Fatima Kalash, called for the peoples of the region and its intellectual institutions in particular, to stand with one hand to confront Turkey's colonial plans by spreading culture and knowledge among young people and families, train them on how to face crises and realize ways to get out of them.



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