Activating role of rural women within current strategy for managing women in Al-Tabqa

A series of activities are carried out by the Women’s Administration in the countryside of Al-Tabqa city, they included seminars, dialogues and visits to homes, though these activities were not enough to draw a more liberal reality for rural women and the most prominent economic activity remained within the scene, as it sets an eye on qualifying Rural women are among several plans that have become a priority list for women’s management at the current stage.

Within the strategy of the Women's Department for the Al-Tabqa region, it prioritized supporting rural women and organizing the work of the councils within the administration of "Al-Mansoura, Al-Jirniya, Al-Bouassi".

In this context, the Women’s Administrative Department in Al-Tabqa city and the Administrative Center for the Research of Women’s Rights Protection, Zahra Al Hamada told our agency: “After we managed to establish the true concepts of women, somewhat, we strengthened her role substantially at all levels within the social, the military and security forces institutions. "

She added: It is our duty to raise the pace of our activities in the countryside as women remain in the countryside under the roof of customs, traditions and tribal beliefs that hijacked them and perhaps melted their role in most cases. Through our councils, we sought to bring these women to our ranks and share all issues within the framework of enhancing the role of rural women.

Starting qualification courses for women

 Talking about the first steps of supporting women, Zahra explained that “the administration has worked to activate the reconciliation and relations committees in rural councils, as it is considered they are key activity of strengthening the personality of women. "

As for the second step, Zahra pointed out that "the Women’s have opened intellectual courses within the first stage of qualification, during which the women receive intellectual lessons that explain the reality of the history of women and the path of struggle it continues to this day, in addition to organizing family relations and a mechanism to activate its role within its geographical scope. "

Supporting the concept of management among women and the importance of their involvement

And based on the importance of qualifying the administrative women cadres in the region, the Women’s Administration decided to open training courses for administrators and academies.

The Women’s Administration in the Al-Tabqa region, Zahra Al-Hamada, touched on the importance of raising the pace of training within social institutions, and she said, “What has been practiced against women, was enough to kill any concept that carries the art of management for women, and the importance of their participation in decisions and plans and strategies.”

During the previous period, the Women’s Administration completed the rehabilitation of the first batch of female trainees, as it included 15 female trainees from the various institutions of the Democratic Civil Administration for the Al-Tabqa region and the councils and role of women as well, where they received training for 17 days in the course of the martyr “Adara Haron”.

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