​​​​​​​Ad-Dirbasiyah residents condemn Turkish bombing, attacks

Today, the people of ad-Dirbasiyah district of al-Hasakah canton went out in a demonstration denouncing the Turkish attacks on the area and its violation of all international covenants and charters

Today, a drone believed to be Turkish bombed twice the Russian focal point in ad-Dirbasiyah area, which resulted in the injury of 3 members of the Russian forces and 3 members of the Syrian government forces accompanying them. After it bombed the site this morning, the same site was bombed in the evening, injuring a citizen from Amuda.

Rejecting and denouncing these attacks and violations, hundreds of people from ad-Dirbasiyah district and the villages affiliated to it took part in a massive demonstration denouncing the attacks and bombing of the Turkish occupation of the area and all of northern and eastern Syria, carrying banners denouncing the Turkish bombing.

The demonstration started in front of the Syrian Revolutionary Youth Center in the district, and headed towards the People's Municipality, and there the demonstration stopped and a speech was delivered in the name of the Democratic Union Party in al-Jazeera region by Suleiman Abo Bakr and said: "No to the attacks of the Turkish occupation state on ad-Dirbasiyah district and its bombing of the regions of northern and eastern Syria and Heftenin region. Turkey, with all these attacks and crimes, is trying to break the will of our people and their forces that defend the people, but we are fully confident of the will of our people and the resistance of our strugglers, which will inevitably defeat Turkish fascism."

Abo Bakr noted: "Today, the Turkish bombing of ad-Dirbasiyah area aims to spread fear and confusion among the people of the district to motivate them to leave their homes, but with this demonstration in which hundreds participated, we confirm once again that the Turkish occupation aircrafts will not undermine our people's will, and the people of ad-Dirbasiyah are resistant and struggling people, will remain steadfast in the face of the Turkish occupation and will not leave their land."

In addition, the demonstration ended with chanting the slogans the denounce the Turkish attacks.


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