Afrin intellectuals open library at their own expense  

A number of displaced Afrin intellectuals have initiated Al-Shahbah to open a library in the town of Tal Refaat, in a step to encourage reading and thought among the segments of society.

After the library's preparations for more than two and a half months to collect books from several sources and from the library of the Afrin intellectuals association those responsible for it organized an opening ceremony for the new library, which they called the "Center for Science and Enlightenment."

The opening was attended by dozens of residents, in addition to representatives of local institutions and councils in the town of Tal Rifaat, Al-Shahba district.

The opening began with a minute of silence, then one of the founders of the library "Muhammed Muhammed" thanked all the participants in the opening of this library.

For his part, Khalil Habbo, one of the founders of the library, called on the young generation to go to the library for learning. He said: "All groups of society and young people in particular should go to this library to get the rich culture and thought with which they can develop themselves and society."

It was followed by cutting the opening tape to enter the library and walk around there and look at the library and the books in it.

It is noteworthy that the library currently contains about 400 different books of different branches of science such as politics, novels, economics, scientific, etc., and those affiliated with them assured that they will gradually increase the number as they get new numbers.

It is worth noting that the founders of the library are “Sadiq Barakat, Khalil Habbo, Muhammed Muhammed, Khalil Abbas.” They are from the people of the city of Afrin, some of whom have university degrees, some are graduates of international law, while othere are historical researchers, and they opened the library with their own efforts.

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