Afrin people bless memory of Rojava Revolution launch through march in al-Shahba

Hundreds of residents of Afrin canton went out on a march by the eighth anniversary of the start of the Rojava Revolution, which started on July 19, 2012.

The march began from the entrance to al-Ahdath district in al-Shahba canton, which was organized by the district's council to roam its main streets, where the demonstrators carried pictures of martyrs and banners with "With the spirit of 14 and 19 July, we will raise the pace of resistance and liberate Afrin" written on, chanting the slogans that salute Rojava Revolution and the martyrs who struggled until the martyrdom within this revolution.

Upon the arrival of the demonstrators in the district's square, they held a minute of silence, and then the Member of al-Ahdath District Council, Ahmed Musa, delivered a speech in which he blessed the commemoration of the Rojava Revolution launch: "We bless the Rojava Revolution on all Rojava people, and all peoples who believe in freedom and democracy."

Musa also indicated in his speech that the resistance of Rojava derives its strength from the July 14th Resistance: "The resistance of July 14th is a basis for us to continue the struggle and resistance, and protect the gains of Rojava Revolution. We derive our strength and will from those martyrs who preserved the Rojava Revolution from failure."

The Member of the Kongra Star in Afrin canton, Guleh Muhammad, stated that Rojava Revolution was a salvation from the oppression of the Baathist regime: "The day when the Rojava Revolution began was the day of salvation from the oppression and tyranny that remained practiced against the people of Afrin by the Baathist regime."

The march ended with chanting the slogans that bless the Rojava Revolution, salute the martyrs, and denounce the attacks on the regions of northern and eastern Syria by the occupiers.


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