Afrin women work hard to ensure requirements after forced displacement

Afrin women work in the agricultural fields and lands to ensure their daily requirements alongside the assistance and support provided by the Autonomous Administration (AA), and that after their exit from Afrin in the result of the Turkish occupation of Afrin. 

Before the occupation, Afrin people used to depend crucially on agriculture, which was embodied in olive trees, vineyards, and wheat, as every family from Afrin had a piece of agricultural land and olive trees to work within and take them as a main work domain to secure their living.  

While the Turkish occupation displaced the people in the result of its immoral practices. Those who have been displaced chose the way of resistance near their occupied city Afrin, and because of the difficult conditions due to the displacement, women work on securing their daily needs alongside the support provided to them by the AA.

Women head to work within the agricultural lands and fields in al-Shahba villages that belong to the people of al-Shahba from 05:00 am till 10:00 am, and due to the high temperature, women stop working for five hours, and they resume working at 15:00 till 19:00 with a wage of 2,500 per day.

In this context, Dijla Ahmed, who is working in in the orchards said, "We lost everything we had, and I am working here in order to secure living for my children."

While Amina Mohammed Ali said, "We came here in order to protect ourselves and stay near Afrin. I am working in the agricultural lands to meet my daily needs. The AA provide us with support, but we want to rely on ourselves as we used to be in Afrin."


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