Afrin's Citizens: this the Islam that Erdogan claims !

Afrin Citizens talked about the shelling of the Turkish occupation army and mercenaries to their house in the village of Soghanka, confirming the shells fell directly on the house.

Yesterday, at 12:49, Soghanka village of Shirawa district in Afrin canton was hit by more than 130 shells, wounding four civilians from the same family, including an infant.

Citizens spoke of the destruction of their home to the Hawar News Agency, and confirmed that the Turkish occupation targeted their home directly.

Suzanne Aliko said that the shells fell like rain on their house. “A shell fell in the middle of the house and the roof of the house fell. What was the fault of this baby? The child was completely silent when the shell hit. "

"My child was bleeding, and as soon as the shelling stopped, we were brought to the medical point and we received treatment," she said.

For his part, Ramzi Barakat said that Erdogan claims Islam and says that Eid al-Adha is holy, "but the Turkish occupation bombed our house on the days of Eid and destroyed our house adding this the Islam that Erdogan claims."



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