Afrin's people congratulated HDP on locale election victory

Today, hundreds of Afrin residents in the camps of Berxwedan and al-Eser (Serdem) congratulated the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) on local elections in several cities in Bakur Kurdistan during two celebrations.

Hundreds of residents of Afrin canton gathered in al-Shahba, to celebrate the victory of the HDP in a number of municipalities in the big cities in the Bakur of Kurdistan.

The celebrations began with holding a minute of silence. In al-Eser camp, the member of Kongra Star Coordination Saleha Mohammed spoke and congratulated this victory on all peoples in Kurdistan and abroad.

Saleha added, "The colonial countries are trying to annihilate us and break our will so as not to demand our freedom, but we will not allow them to do so, and the victory achieved by the Kurdish people and the people demanding freedom in Turkey is proof of the people's adherence to their land and their desire for peace, will bring freedom and peace and restore the rights of the people who have been deprived of them. "

In the Berxwedan camp, Ibrahim Shikho, the administrator of the camp, congratulated the victory of the HDP in the local elections in northern Kurdistan and Turkey. He stressed that they will continue these victories, as they follow the ideology and philosophy of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan, who calls for the democracy that the peoples of the region crave.



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