After Sochi, violent escalation continues in "the demilitarized area"

The shelling on the demilitarized zones following the Russian-Turkish talks on Idlib in Sochi witnessed a violent escalation by the regime's forces.


The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported the continued rocket fire by the regime forces on the so-called demilitarized zones.

Where several rockets targeted the places in Khan Sheikun and al-Tamanah and Tarai and Meret al-Numan in the southern sector of the countryside Idlib, and after midnight on Sunday - Monday targeted places in the vicinity of al-Najia in the countryside of Jisr al-Shughour, and second places in Jebel al-Akrad in northern countryside of Latakia.

Over the past few hours, the escalation of heavy shelling by the regime forces in the demilitarized zone has continued, and since Sunday morning and Sunday evening, the regime has targeted more than 400 shells and missiles in various areas of demilitarized zones.

SANA news agency of the Syrian regime said, "Syrian army units operating in the northern Hama countryside responded to the terrorist groups' violation of the agreement to reduce the escalation and destroyed an ammunition depot and the strongholds in Idlib countryside."

The so-called demilitarized zones are witnessing violent military operations that followed Turkish-Russian talks in Ankara and Sochi, during which a dispute emerged between the two sides over the situation in Idlib, where Russia expressed its displeasure at the Turkish procrastination in implementing the agreement on these areas.



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