Ahmed Suleiman: A safe area should be established in Afrin

Ahmed Suleiman pointed out that the components of northern and eastern Syria have been able to protect their areas from terrorism. "A safe area should be formed in Afrin canton to protect it from the Turkish state and parties affiliated to it." he said.

After the failure of all attempts by the Turkish state to occupy northern and eastern areas of Syria, the Turkish occupation state resorted to the pretext of establishing a "safe zone" in the Syrian territory along the border strip in an attempt to occupy more Syrian territory.

"There will not be a safe area if it is under the auspices of the Turkish occupation state. Contrarily, it will raise more fears, and we will only accept them if they are under the auspices of the international community," Ahmed Suleiman member of the Political Bureau of the Kurdish Progressive Democratic Party in Syria told Hawar news.

The international community remaining silent, Ahmed Suleiman commented, "an international decision must be taken to establish a safe area in Afrin to protect its people from violations of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries from looting, displacement, kidnapping and murder."

"If the possibilities are available and there is pressure on the international community regarding the establishment of a safe area in Afrin, it will be a successful step that will protect the people of Afrin." Suleiman said.

"After defeating terrorism in the north and east of Syria by Syrian Democratic Forces, which have played their patriotic role in the fight against terrorism, the countries of the world must make efforts to stabilize the areas in the north of Syria, so that mercenaries will not come back again." Concluded Ahmed Suleiman member of the Political Bureau of the Kurdish Progressive Democratic Party.



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