After Afrin people left their land by force in the result of the haphazard bombardment of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries against them in Afrin whose infrastructure was destroyed, they needed main materials such as electricity which was insured by the municipalities committees.

The municipality in Ahras insured electricity for the people of Harbal village in Ahras district whose infrastructure was destroyed in the result of the clashes erupted in the area as the municipality put a generator to insure electricity for the people of the village.

The generator that works for 5 hours daily supplies about 137 houses as the municipality insured the cables and distributed them with the amperes to the people freely. 

In this context, the member of the municipality Abdul Rahman Suleiman said, “After we displaced Afrin towards these areas, there were no electricity or water, and we, as the municipality’s committees, did our duties towards the people and insured most of their requirements.”

Abdul Rahman made it clear that the generator works daily for 5 hours starting from 19:00 till 24:00 and he said, “The municipality insured the generator and cables, it also insures fuel for the generator, and distributes electricity freely to the village.”

Abdul Rahman ended his speech pledging the people to continue providing all services to them in spite of the limit potentials that the municipality has.