Al-Ashrafieh markets prospered after rehabilitation

The shop owners in the neighborhood of al-Ashrafieh in Aleppo began to reopen their shops and commercialize their trade to return to life again. After years of clashes and battles, about 400 shops and workshops opened in the neighborhood amid the continued flow of people.

The neighborhood of al-Ashrafieh section of Bani Zeid witnessed over the course of 4 years (from 2012 to 2016) clashes and fierce battles, forcing the Kurds, Arabs, Turkmens and Yezidis to displace, while about 35 families remained steadfast in front of everything happened.

In the mid of 2016, al-Ashrafieh and Sheikh Maksoud neighborhoods were liberated after great resistance made by the people, and the people began to return to the neighborhood of al-Ashrafieh and in particular the section of Bani Zeid for the safety witnessed there. 

More than 400 shops, industrial workshops have been re-opened

The wheel of life began to circulate in the neighborhood of al-Ashrafieh, and many owners of shops and craftsmen began to reopen shops amid the destruction surrounding the neighborhood and the medium service conditions.

The number of newly opened workshops and shops in Beni Zeid and al-Ashrafieh reached 400 including shops and workshops.

In addition, four pharmacies and a number of medical clinics have been re-opened.

The Co-chair of the People's Assembly in the neighborhood of al-Ashrafieh Department of Bani Zeid Jamal Sheikh Mohammed explained, "The number of returnees could have been increased if the neighborhood had not been exposed to this huge amount of destruction as a result of the conflict that has taken place for years," and he made clear their continued work for the restoration and maintenance of houses in the neighborhood to ensure the needs of the returning parents.

The citizen Mustafa Mohammed, opened a stone workshop in Bani Zeid and pointed to the correspondents of our agency, Hawar news (ANHA) to the cooperation of the people among themselves for the restoration. He said, "We cooperated with each other to reach the neighborhood to its normality, and we are working to make it the best."

"With patience, we achieve our purpose"

The citizen Mahmoud Tobal, the owner of a sweet shop which he opened in the neighborhood about 5 months ago, pointed to "the good movement of the population that is being increased. With patience, we achieve our purpose."



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