al-Atassi: Constitutional Committee figures imposed on us, nothing will result from these meetings

The Syrian political and opposition Lama al-Atassi stressed that the Constitutional Committee does not have any mission in the national perspective, and said, "We as an opposition imposed on these names," and felt that "everything that can be issued by these will not be binding, that will not result anything from these expensive meetings ".

Meetings of the so-called Constitutional Committee, launched under the auspices of Russia, Turkey and Iran, continue amid disagreements between the participants and the absence of real representatives of the people.

Commenting on this, Syrian politician and opposition Lama al-Atassi said in an interview with ANHA agency that "the committee in the national perspective does not have any task except to limit the opposition and end its legitimacy, so the countries previously chose these same personalities to lead the National Council and then the coalition and gave them legitimacy and here it is withdrawn from them, this industrialized thief opposition The revolution is very flexible in its values, principles and size .. We note the presence within it all the currents that participated from the beginning by aborting the revolution with the same faces and names, personalities from Turkey and the Brotherhood and others from France and the International Monetary Fund and others from the American Democrats as well as Qatar and Saudi Arabia, etc.

"Of course these are employees who pay for their time and work, not revolutionaries," she explained. However, this concept of political action adopted by the Syrian opposition that led the scene is very dangerous because it opposes the fundamental values that should guide the work of the national or rebel opposition. There is also the external method of political action, which was adopted by the opponents among themselves in the logic of organized and agreed external quotas.

On the participating figures said the Syrian opposition "Their statements I did not follow I saw the elders sleeping in the meeting room and I was ashamed of Syria to represent me and I do not see the need to follow what they will say because they go to each other and not recognized by the other party any system and they do not devote the will of the people."

"I listened to the talk of Bashar al-Assad explaining that this Constitutional Advisory Committee does not have a real mission to amend the Syrian constitution. This is often a serious statement, but it makes it clear that he is not interested in the story. He goes in the Sochi plan, which reconciles with Erdogan, away from the international track in Geneva, unfortunately we have nothing to respond, but we are also opponents imposed on these people and do not have our revolutionary decision, but all this does not cancel our rights and demands.

The Syrian opposition concluded Lama al-Atassi, saying: "It is certain that everything that can come out of the work of these remain non-binding words, that is, nothing will result from these expensive meetings, will not change the international course and the decision on Syria anything."



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