Al-Bab people demonstrated against Turkish occupation for second time 

Al-Bab city's peoples, especially the people of Jabal al-Sheikh Aqeel neighborhood have headed again to demonstrate in the streets for the second time this week against the Turkish occupation, chanting slogans condemning the occupation.

Al-Bab city in north Syria was occupied by the Turkish occupation in February, 2017 under fake pretext to eradicate Daesh mercenaries, using all kinds of sophisticated warplanes, guns, and tanks, which resulted in massive destruction in the city, estimated at 75%. 

And public facilities and infrastructure were completely destroyed, and hundreds of al-Bab city's people were killed in a conflict between the Turkish occupation and Daesh mercenaries. Moreover, when the people wanted to return, hundreds of families were prevented from returning to their homes because their homes had been taken as military bases according to sources.

The residents of Jabal al-Sheikh Aqeel neighborhood, which included 150 houses, were prevented from returning to their neighborhood completely and were not allowed to take out their household furniture and other private belongings that remained in their homes and were washed away with the rubble of their homes.

The Turkish occupation claimed that it would compensate the people of Jabal al-Sheikh Aqeel neighborhood and that it would restore the infrastructure in the city, but it did not do any of what it claimed, and the city of al-Bab is still deprived of domestic drinking water.

The people in the occupied territories have been living amid the chaos of murder, kidnapping for ransom, thieving properties and bombings from time to time. Last Tuesday, the residents of the city of al-Bab, especially the people of the neighborhood of Jabal al-Sheikh Aqeel launched a demonstration demanding the return of their land, and yesterday, they held a demonstration again.

A source pointed out the Turkish occupation soldiers tried to break the demonstration by force, but the people continued to protest against them.



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