Al-Khatouniya Clinic lacks of basic services 

Al-Khatouniya Health Center in western countryside of al-Raqqa is treating about 200 patients daily, but the medical center does not meet the needs of the peoples in the area due to lack of medical staff and medical supplies.

The health clinic of al-Khatouniya which provides health services to the hamlets' line in the western countryside of al-Raqqa was opened free of charge on 1 August 2018 by al-Raqqa Civil Council.

The clinic is the only clinic in the area equipped with an ambulance and pharmacy room, a medical staff of 7 people and an ambulance that receives about 200 patients a day, mostly children, women and the elderly. The clinic also allocated two days a week to provide vaccines for polio and leishmaniosis.

The people of the western countryside of the city of al-Raqqa head towards the clinic for receiving medical treatment that lacks specialized medical staff, especially doctors. Whoever work in the clinic are nurses, their potential does not exceed the provision of first aid, and some medical services.

"The clinic is the only one in the hamlets' line. When we go for receiving treatment, we get surprised that there are no doctors or medicines," said Issa al-Mustafa, a resident of the village of Khatouniya.

The member of the Health Committee of al-Raqqa Civil Council Jwan Zkira said: "For the health centers in the rural areas, they provide health care and ambulances. These centers are specialized of primary care, dressing and women's counseling. However, the basic equipment in these centers is low and lacks of medicines and medical staff that contribute to the development of health in the villages where the health centers are existed."

"We appeal to international humanitarian organizations to provide support, especially the necessary medicines and treatments needed by the patients," he said.



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