​​​​​​​Al-Qaftan: Kurdish unity guarantee for unity of all Syrian components

Head of the Future Syria Party, Ibrahim al-Qaftan, indicated that the unity of the Kurdish rank is guarantee for the unity of all components in Syria. He warned the Syrians against the expansionist aims of the Turkish state in the region.

This came during a meeting with Hawar with the head of the Future Syria Party, Ibrahim al-Kaftan, on the latest developments in the region and the Kurdish parties' step to unite the ranks.

Al-Qaftan affirmed during his speech that the unity of the Kurdish rank will have positive results in all regions of northeast of Syria and Syria in general, considering it as a guarantee for the unity of all components in Syria. "

The head of the Future Syria Party pointed out that the step must be consensual among the Kurdish parties away from the foreign agendas, so that they make the Autonomous Administration project a success.

Turning to the Syrian situation, al-Qaftan said: "Syria  will not rule by majority or minority. The future Syria is a state of citizenship. It must be governed by the competencies away from sect or race. So the project of quotas in state rule will be a failure; Lebanon and Iraq are a good example of this.

In the context of his speech, the he commented on Turkey's policy in Syria's occupied territories by Turkey: " After the Turkish occupation for areas in northeast of Syria, attempted to ignite a civil war under the pretext of the Arab majority, but it failed thanks to the spirit of participatory and the current project based in region".

He pointed out that Turkey keeps on its expansionist strategy, taking political ideology as a cover for its interventions in all regions. It interferes on several axes and simultaneously from Libya to northern Iraq, along with its plans in other regions.

He added that Turkey's ambitions will not stop at a certain level as it aims is revive the  previous Ottoman glories, “Turkey must realize that the situation has changed and  it differs from previous days. No other Ottoman project will be accepted. People are beginning to realize very well that Turkey’s goal is not a service to Islam or Muslims, but its interests.

At the end of the meeting, the head of the Future Syria Party, Ibrahim al-Qaftan, sent a message that the Syrians should be alerted to their interests in building a new Syria, a citizenship that relies on three pillars: pluralism, democracy, and decentralization. Previously, it is imperative for the Syrians to immediately search for a consensual political solution based on the Syrian identity rather than on the basis of sectarian or ethnic affiliation.



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