Al-Raqqa notables: Syrian clans' forum stressed relationships among Syrian components

The sheikhs of al-Raqqa city have stressed that the Syrian clans' forum is proof of the unity of the people and their close connection with the unity of the Syrian land, noting that the forum emphasizes the strong relationships among all the Syrian people's components.

About five thousand Syrian personalities who represent clans and components throughout Syria held a meeting in Ain Issa on 3 May under the slogan "Syrian Clans Protect Society and Its Social Contract," and released final statement in which the participants confirmed the unity of the Syrian territories, the liberation of the occupied territories, the rejection of any discrimination on the basis of nationality, religion and gender, the necessity to recognize the shared responsibility to resolve the Syrian crisis, the spread of peace in Syria, and the work to dry the sources of terrorism.

Al-Raqqa notables who participated in the forum noted that their participation was to prove the unity of the Syrian land and people, and to emphasize the bonds of the close relationship among the Syrian components.

In this context, the sheikh of the Moussa al-Zaher clan, Ayed al-Hadi said, "Our main objective of the forum is to show and prove to the world that we are all Syrians and that there is no difference among the components of the area. Let us also underscore the extent of our close ties, adding, "The results of the meeting of the sheikhs of the Syrian clans are very fruitful and we have reached a consensus-participatory formula that serves the Syrian people."

Sheikh Ayed al-Hadi pointed out, "Recently, some sleeper cells that belong to foreign agendas and some people with cheap souls began to spread chaos and confusion in our areas in order to tamper and undermine the security and stability of our country, and we as notables and clans' sheikhs must guide our children to the right path in order to preserve the integrity and unity of Syria and build a democratic Syria towards a project that guarantees the rights of all sects and components of the Syrian people."

For his part, the sheikh of al-Sebkha Arab clan, Mohammed Turki al-Suwaan said, "We must support the forces that have liberated us from the dark black flag that spread its takfirist and inhumane ideas within our country, and we make the decisions that aim to consolidate stability."



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