Al-Rumaila Women's Council is main destination for neighborhood women

The Women's Council in al-Rumaila neighborhood has proved the ability of women to be the main destination for the neighborhood's women in all areas of life. The Council aims at future plans that will raise the level of the neighborhood's women in many areas.

Women's Council in the neighborhood of al-Rumaila is considered the second one, established in the city of al-Raqqa on 1/3/2018, where massive crowds of women are flocking towards it daily for solving their problems, restoring their stolen rights and achieving justice, freedom and equality.

The Women's Council in al-Rumaila neighborhood consists of five committees (Reconciliation Committee, Training Committee, Economics Committee, Public Relations Committee and Archives).

Over a year and a half, nearly 300 cases have been resolved

In the course of a year and a half, the Council received some 300 cases, the main cause of which was the extremist ideas planted by the mercenaries in the minds of the people, where the mercenaries wanted in that time to marginalize women's role and impose the masculine mentality.

The burden was placed on the Reconciliation Committee in the Council, as the Committee was able to resolve nearly 300 cases, most of which focused on divorce and custody of children. The Committee and its members proved their ability to resolve the cases without returning to court.

On the projects that were implemented, Madeline Matar, the member in the Women's House noted that after developing women intellectually, they are trying to develop them economically, and added, "As a first step, we started with the opening of a textile project, from which 40 women of the neighborhood benefited, and on this basis, the Council continued to support these projects, including the opening of pastry bakeries and agricultural projects."



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