Al-Shadadi people: We paid war's tax, we have right to try Daesh

Al-Shadadi district people said that the international community and the United Nations should make the right decision to establish the international  tribunal in the right place,"We are the one who paid the tax to defeat terrorism and we have presented thousands of martyrs we have our Autonomous Administration that have the right to establish the tribunal on the area of the north and east of Syria.

Now the spotlight is on the formation of an international court to try mercenaries who have been defeated in northern and eastern Syria by SDF outside Syria, especially in Iraq.

The Syrian north and east have witnessed a systematic campaign of murder, imprisonment and torture, as well as the imposition of their Salafist ideas on the region's inhabitants. They also recruited children, brainwashed them by hostile ideas, and destroyed infrastructure.


Although the Syrian north and its forces of the People's and Women's Protection Units(YPG and YPJ),  and the Syrian Democratic Forces(SDF) defeated the mercenaries that threatened the entire world and provided thousands of martyrs for this, some are thinking about establishing a court outside the autonomous areas in northern and eastern Syria, although the people of the region have evidence to condemn these mercenaries.

The people of the north of Syria want  these courts to be established in their areas  and under the auspices of international bodies and under the umbrella of the international coalition and hold them accountable.

Many see that these courts on the land of the North of Syria, will be legitimate because of the suffering of those areas of tragedies and achieve justice by reviewing their files and crimes committed against the people.

In this regard ANHA agency conducted an interview with the people of al-Shadadi district.

"The international community should reconsider the decision to establish the international tribunal in the land of northern and eastern Syria. We, together with our forces have defeated mercenaries, and we have presented thousands of martyrs, as well as the destruction that has been inflicted on us," the citizen Raefet Shweit said.

"these courts must be established on the land of the martyrs, whose blood has been mixed with every grain of dust in the north and east of Syria," the mother Ertefa al-Abedullah said, who is a widow and has several children who had been orphaned after her husband executed by Daesh in Deir ez-Zor .

Mehidi al-Daghim, a resident of the village of Keshkash al-Jabour south of al-Shadadi district, which was completely destroyed in the liberation battles, said that the international community and the UN should make the right decision to place the tribunal, "We are paying the tax to defeat terrorism, the establishment of the court must be in our lands ."

He called on the international community to "take into consideration the extent of the loss and the destruction we have suffered in order to eliminate the terrorism that threatened the whole world and we have evidence against them."



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