Aldar Khalil: March of martyrs' families in Qamishlo clear message, guaranteed goal

President of the Executive Council of the Democratic Society Movement, Aldar Khalil has praised the demonstration of the martyrs' families in the city of Qamishlo, describing it as a worthy example of all our activities in North Syria. Confirming that the march has guaranteed to deliver the truth of our message in defending our revolution and express the essence of our community organization through which we have reached to this place.


The co-chair of the Executive Committee of Democratic Society Movement, Aldar Khalil, wrote in his book "The Breaks" about the march of the martyrs' families in the city of Qamishlo condemning the attacks and threats of the Turkish state on 07 January of 2019.

"The right to demonstrate and convey positions on the development, vision or policy of the community is a legitimate and important right in order to prove the vigilance of the street and its follow-up to its revolution and its insistence on preventing any interference or attempt by any party in any way to distort what has been achieved, but to express ourselves effectively and deliver the right message in any kind of demonstration, march or protest, we have to take into consideration several points, the most important of which are: to determine the target, why to go out, to choose the right place and time, such as the symbols and images that we must carry, the flag which has to be there to convey the message in bold lines by choosing the phrases, slogans, and words that we should raise and write on the banners, in this way our idea is conveyed in revers of branching to points that have been touched. "

Khalil praised the march, which gave our peoples great morale, especially by the martyrs' families and the organized situation that emerged deserves to be a qualitative example in all our mass activities. The martyrs who were the example of sacrifice have become an example in our activities today. This confirms that the martyrs remain an example to us and a real path to all our victories and initiatives, the march that took place in Qamishlo must be a way for all institutions and our people to follow the same organization in any activity or position that requires going down to the street not only at home but abroad and in all areas where our people are located.

"The organized way of the march, and in the same way, we guarantee the delivery of the truth of our message, the defense of our revolution and the expression of the essence of our community organization, through which we have reached everything that we are now, as we discussed in the introduction. As well we have become an example of expressing the untraditional state. We must be in all aspects of our activities, and here we must not confuse the momentary feelings with the necessities of the stage so that we are fully aware that preserving anything we want and appreciate is more than one side and it cannot be reduced in one way."



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