​​​​​​​Aleppo notables: We must join hands to thwart the enemy's plans

The notables and dignitaries of al-Sheikh Maqsoud and al-Ashrafieh neighborhoods condemned the criminal acts that affected the clans' sheikhs, dignitaries and civilians in Deir ez-Zor, and stressed the need to stand together against sedition, chaos and destabilization of the region's security.

The notables and dignitaries of al-Sheikh Maqsoud and al-Ashrafieh neighborhoods in the city of Aleppo today made a statement to public opinion, with the participation of dozens of the neighborhood's notables, in front of al-Marouf Mosque in the neighborhood.

The statement was read by the Co-chair of the Interfaith Forum, Ali al-Hassen.

The text of the statement included:

"We salute our people in Deir ez-Zor and the general eastern region, extend our deepest condolences to our brothers , al-Agidat tribe, for their grave misfortune of losing Sheikh Matshar al-Hafl, and denounce in the strongest terms these cowardly criminal acts that affected the clans' sheikhs, dignitaries, civilians and the military with the aim of sowing discord, provoking chaos, and striking the achievements made.

 This cowardly act was orchestrated, and it is known whoever was behind it to create discord among the Arab tribes and clans that revealed their reckless plans, targeting tribal and military symbols in the region.

This heinous crime was carried out by foreign hands and malevolent planning, aiming at striking confidence between the people and the Syrian Democratic Forces, exploiting the situation to sow discord between Arab tribes and the Autonomous Administration, and destabilize the region's security, safety and understanding at all levels of life. These assassinations affected all society components; Arabs, Kurds, Assyrians and Syriacs, and their goal is one; therefore, the conductor is one, the beneficiary is one, and the enemy is one.

We strongly condemn and reject all the statements that come out from here and there and call for incitement to discord and fighting between the people and the Syrian Democratic Forces which liberated the region from the abomination of terrorism and obscurantist ideology.  The parties that incite fighting and sedition today are those who support ISIS terrorist organization.

Let us stand today with glory, dignity and honor against all acts of chaos, and we call on everyone to stand together in the face of the tyrants who want to bring us back to ground zero to be a tool at the hands of the repressive authoritarian and dictatorial regimes. Let us preserve our homeland, our people, our youth, and our capabilities, and be one hand to build a new Syria, a Syria for all Syrians, and be an impenetrable shield against the conspirators, the greedy, and the haters.

We appeal to the wise elders and notables of clans and tribes and our people on the necessity of solidarity and cohesion and the abandonment of seditions, and let those criminals and those dealing with the forces of evil to know that we will stand in their face with all our strength to thwart their malicious, despicable and dirty schemes, relying on God then awareness, unity and solidarity of our people.

We also call on the Syrian Democratic Forces to pursue the cells that target the nationalistic symbols and figures, and to strike anyone inclined to tamper with the safety and security of citizens."

The statement ended by chanting the slogans that call for the peoples' unity and fraternity.



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