Aleppo people: July 19th revolution in order to unite the components of the area

The people of Sheikh Maqsoud and al-Ashrafyeh neighborhoods in Aleppo congratulated the July 19 revolution, and they said that the Rojava revolution was a breakthrough for the solidarity of the components of the region and their stand in the face of the occupation, and emphasized their continued resistance and struggle in the way of the martyrs.

Today marks the anniversary of the July 19 Revolution (Rojava Revolution), which started its spark in Kobani, and its flames reached all regions of Rojava, and achieved many gains thanks to the sacrifices and solidarity of the people of the region.

The neighborhood of Sheikh Maksoud was one of the neighborhoods that defended and resisted against the regime and the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation, and the people of the neighborhood with the fighters of People and Women Protection Units YPG, YPJ showed great resistance, and they valiantly responded to these attacks.

On this occasion, the lens of ANHA agency monitored the opinions of the people of Sheikh Maksoud and al-Ashrafyeh neighborhoods in the city of Aleppo, and they also saluted the struggle of the peoples in northern and eastern Syria.

The July Revolution revolution illuminated the way to freedom for all peoples

Citizen Aref Othman blessed at the beginning of his speech, the July 19 revolution on all peoples, and on the leader Abdullah Ocalan, who launched the Democratic Nation and peoples' fraternity, by saying, "The people in northern and eastern Syria have achieved most of the gains since the beginning of the Rojava Revolution, but the Turkish state has worked to targeting those gains, with their attacks on the people, and the worst forms of violations against the people and their occupation of some areas.

Aref Othman notes that the July 19 revolution gave way to freedom for all peoples. He said, "By resisting all peoples in the region, we will liberate all the lands occupied by the fascist Turkish state, and we will be united against the Turkish aggression."

While the citizen Muhammad Habash said that the Rojava revolution was a start for solidarity of all components of the region, and their standing in confronting the occupation, and in his turn stressed their continued struggle in a spirit of participation and solidarity until the liberation of all occupied areas.

As for Mustafa Ali, he said: "The Turkish state did not accept the organization of the people in northern and eastern Syria for their areas, where it launched brutal attacks on defenseless civilians under false pretexts and occupied the Syrian territories as Afrin, Tel-Abyed, Serêkaniyê, Jarabulus, Azaz, al-Bab and Idlib under the name of Islam.

He added: We will continue on the path set by the martyrs of freedom who sacrificed themselves for the freedom of the people and the homeland.

For her part, Citizen Urfa Aref said that the Rojava Revolution was launched with the leadership of women who were pioneering in all fields of military, political, social and community building, and added, "Martyrs like Avista, Barin and Arien have become an example for every woman in northern and eastern Syria and the world by resisting them.

Urfa Aref concluded her speech by saying, "We will fight until the last breath, to fulfill the dreams of our martyrs, and we bless this revolution against them."



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