American official denies what Turkish media circulates of attack on northeast Syria

An American official denied to Reuters what media outlets reported that the United States (US) was discussing with Turkey about a Turkish possible attack on northeastern Syria, and said that Washington does not believe that such a process is necessary to confront Ankara's security concerns.


Turkish media outlets quoted from a Turkish military official saying, "Ankara is discussing with the United States and Russia about a possible attack on an area of northeastern Syria under the control of the Syrian Democratic Forces."

The American official said to Reuters on condition of not disclosing his identity, "America is not considering a Turkish attack in northeastern Syria with Turkey."

The official said, "We have repeatedly held discussions on a security mechanism, or a buffer zone in northeast Syria that would intercept the Turkish security concerns."

He added, "The details of the security mechanism are under research and development, but from the American point of view, that does not require a Turkish attack."

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