​​​​​​​American researcher: Erdogan practices ethnic cleansing against Kurds who defeated ISIS, Al Qaeda

​​​​​​​American researcher: Erdogan practices ethnic cleansing against Kurds who defeated ISIS, Al Qaeda

The American researcher Michael Rubin says in an article in the Washington Examiner magazine that the results of the Syrian civil war were not what the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had hoped, as the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad (with Russian, Iranian and Hezbollah assistance) largely defeated the forces of the "opposition" that Washington has supported part of it, while Turkey has supported the more extremist "opposition" parties.

While ISIS mercenaries were besieging the Kurds in Kobane, a city immediately adjacent to the border with Turkey, Erdogan not only prevented the crossing of supplies they desperately needed, but also at some point, allowed ISIS fighters to cross the Turkish border in an attempt to defeat the Kurdish fighters.

The American airdrops of supplies to Kurdish fighters ultimately helped them break the siege, and only when Turkey recognized the imperative of the Kurdish victory, it opened the borders to the supplies in order to enable Erdogan to claim a share of victory.

The Syrian Kurds were able to fight not only al-Assad forces but also Jabhet al-Nusra linked to Al Qaeda and ISIS, which was more like a miracle in the result of the Kurdish faith in their just cause.

The area under the control of the Kurds, which was called Rojava first and then was called the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria out of respect for the diversity of the region, was very successful and enjoyed stability and security.

The agriculture and oil enabled the Administration to achieve modest economic gains despite the embargo imposed on it by the Syrian government, Turkey, and competing political groups in Kurdistan of Iraq.

The Administration also respected cultural diversity and religious differences, and allowed Muslims, Christians and Yazidis to practice their religious rituals freely and without restrictions.

More importantly, the Syrian Kurds did not allow their lands to be used for heading terrorism towards Turkish territory, and the same does not apply to proxies allied to Turkey.

Erdogan's absurdity was evident when he proposed the concept of a "safe zone" for northern Syria, and what Erdogan was thinking about was completely different from what was proposed in 1991 by the former President Turgot Ozal, where he at the time agreed to the autonomy rule for the Kurds, while Erdogan occupied Afrin and practiced ethnic cleansing policies against its people.

James Jeffrey reinforced Turkey's narration inside and outside the government, indulged and encouraged Erdogan's suggestion of establishing a safe zone in the Syrian Kurdish territory.

Theoretically, this was to assist Turkey in the fight against terrorism, not to mention that there is no evidence (other than Erdogan's accusations) that the Syrian Kurds launched attacks from their lands on Turkey, and in fact, if the fight against terrorism is truly the goal, then Turkey should establish a cordon system on its own side of the border.

Nine months after Trump betrayed the Kurds, certainly, Christians and Yazidis have largely suffered from Erdogan's policies.

The American treachery also revitalized ISIS, and now, a new report by a Syrian Kurdish women's organization shows how bad the situation for women under the Turkish occupation in Afrin is.

The report concluded that women "are subjected to persecution, humiliation, abuse and forced marriage, including many underage girls, in addition to their exposition to torture, physical and sexual violence, rape and murder."

The Turkish occupiers and their proxies also participated in the cultural destruction, including the destruction of heritage sites and the banning of the Kurdish language in schools, replacing it with Turkish.

Jeffrey says that the withdrawal of US forces was only a "tactical and temporary" deal, and if this is true, they should explain why the ethnic cleansing by Turkey, systematic violence against women, support for extremism, and the resurgence of ISIS again.


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