Amnesty International: 106 people killed during protests in Iran

The Amnesty International stated on Tuesday that the death toll of the demonstrations witnessed in many Iranian cities reached at least 106.

The Amnesty said in its statement, “ The real death toll may be much higher, with some reports suggesting as many as 200 have been killed according to Reuters".

The Amnesty considered that “The practices of the Iranian authorities disclose a terrible approach of killing outside the law.”

The army condemned in its statement what it described “the last riots” stressing the need to raise residents’ awareness about the conspiracies planned for by the foes.”

The spokesperson for the office of the United Nations for Human Rights said on Tuesday that he had reports confirming that the death number in Iran’s demonstrations reached dozens.

The spokesperson described the situation in Iran as worrying, calling for the Iranian authorities to return the internet and respect the demonstrators’ right to free speech, according to what Reuters quoted.

The spokesperson expressed his concern about using the live ammunition by the Iranian Security Forces and about reports on violation of the international law.

The protests deployed all over Iran, demanding the major clergymen leading the country to relinquish power.

The authorities in the country promised to escalate the security measures, carry out the sentence to death punishment against the protesters, and at the same time, the US denounced the Iranian policies and repressing the protesters.

The source: Sky News

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