Antiquities Directorate: We obtained photos showing the occupation's encroachment on an ancient hill

The Director of Antiquities of Afrin region stated that the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries are trying to tamper with the ancient hill in the village of Basuta, in order to steal its antiquities, and said that the mercenaries use heavy digging machines.

Since the occupation of Afrin by Turkey and its mercenaries, the archaeological sites and hills have become the destination of the occupiers to loot the region's antiquities.

According to information reported by the Antiquities Directorate in Afrin region, on July 14, 2019, they obtained satellite photos showing the attack by the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation on an archaeological hill in the village of Basuta in Afrin.

The directorate indicated that the photos show that it was exposed to a large excavation operation on the entire surface with heavy machinery, where the excavation area is estimated at about 4000 square meters, with the establishment of a road for the passage of the machineries at the southwestern end of the hill.

The directorate confirmed that it had obtained pictures from the ground as well, to better prove the incident of the encroachment on the ancient hill, and noted that the tightening of security by the Turkish occupation did not open the way for close-up photography.

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