​​​​​​​Arab press: Egyptian-French alliance against Turkey, Corona threatens to cut Europe

The rapprochement between Egypt and France over confronting Turkish moves in the region, especially Libya, has increased, while al-Kazemi government seeks to move away from US-Iranian tension, while the Corona pandemic threatens to sever Europe again.

On Monday morning, the Arab press focused on French-Egyptian tension on the one hand and Turkish on the other, in addition to the Iraqi situation, and on the outbreak of coronavirus.

Al-Arab: Ankara's opposition to what unites Paris in Cairo in Libya

The Arab newspapers issued this morning dealt with several topics, the most prominent of which was the tension between Egypt and France on the one hand, and Turkey on the other hand. In this context, the Arab newspaper said, "Several political positions revealed a remarkable rapprochement between Egypt and France more than others in dealing with the Libyan crisis, Cairo and Paris may have close relations and great understandings with many countries, but they do not tend to take clear and declared positions that confirm this. Egypt is not always closest to France, and vice versa, but in the recent period, convictions have been reinforced that there is political chemistry that brings the ruling class in both countries.

And added: "Some believe that the differences with Turkey are the common denominator between them, and led to this warmth in relations and coordination in positions until it almost converged in a way that is no longer hidden to many, and its effects were reflected on the movements made by Ankara in the eastern Mediterranean and Libya, which is a correct estimate, being proven with multiple evidence. "

The Egyptian and French naval forces carried out a maritime transit training in the northern fleet in the Mediterranean, with the participation of the Egyptian ghost frigate “Long live Egypt” with the French ghost frigate ACONIT, Saturday.

Estimates went when the exercises were announced that they were directed at Turkey, whose ships had been harassed by its French counterpart before, and Egypt sent a message stating that not to cross the red line of Sirte - al-Jafra requires a maritime willingness and solidarity with those close to it in positions on the Libyan scene.

Egypt wanted it to reinforce the growing impressions about the development of its relations with its allies, and its maritime readiness, if it interfered militarily in Libya, with the growing statements about Turkey sending ships to it near Libyan shores, and waving naval exercises there.

Al-Bayan: Iranian maneuver to obtain the dollar collides with the alertness of Baghdad

Regarding the Iraqi issue, Al-Bayan newspaper said, "The current intersections between the Iraqi and Iranian governments highlight two main points, which are the commercial transactions that Iran seeks to be in the dollar, which is in dire need of it, while the Iraqi government confirms its unwillingness to violate international resolutions and American sanctions, from during the payment of import amounts for Iranian goods in kind, or in local currencies.

The second controversial point contradicts its predecessor, because Iran, with its efforts to obtain the dollar, through Iraq, calls for the formation of an alliance against America to which Iraq is a party, to be the other subject to sanctions, and this is what Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazemi affirmed his categorical rejection of during his visit. Tehran finally, bearing in mind that Iran will continue to move in this direction, and circumvent the sanctions, with the continued control of its militia on the border crossings between the two countries.

Observers believe that al-Kazemi’s government has recently taken measures to extend the state’s control over land and sea ports, and has taken steps to implement its proper application and move it forward towards achieving justifications for taking them, including securing a good source of income for the state, at a time when the source of crude oil resources has declined more than 70%, with the continuation of the repercussions of the Coruna pandemic, the state of deflation in the economy and the labor market, and high rates of poverty and unemployment.

Al-Sharq al-Awsat: Corona threatens to cut Europe again

Regarding the outbreak of the coronavirus, Al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper said: “The Corona pandemic threatens to cut Europe again, and thwart its efforts to revive the tourism season. The European Commission encouraged the European Union member states to not hesitate to impose partial isolation measures on areas where new foci appear. To (Covid-19), that would threaten the return of the pandemic on a large scale.

It also called on states to make the utmost efforts, in coordination with the commission, to "avoid having to impose the total isolation that European economies cannot afford again." The European Center for Epidemiology has warned that the epidemiological situation in several countries "threatens to spin out of control soon, if the authorities do not rush to take strict measures to contain the pandemic."

These statements coincided with the British government imposing a compulsory health quarantine on arrivals from Spain, just two weeks after its inclusion on the list of countries with which London had established air crossings to avoid taking strict measures, as the French government asked its citizens to avoid traveling to the territory of Catalonia, and sources expect to initiate The Belgian and Norwegian governments to tighten prevention measures for arrivals and travelers from Spain.



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