​​​​​​​Armenian President: Ankara's actions in Caucasus pose threat to EU, Russia, Iran

The Armenian President Armen Sargsyan said that Ankara's actions in the Caucasus can pose a threat to the European Union (EU), and stressed that transporting Syrian mercenaries there threatens Russia, Iran and Armenia.

Armen Sargsyan said in an interview with the American Politico newspaper: "Ankara's actions in the Caucasus can also pose a threat to the European Union."

The Armenian President asked NATO for answers regarding Turkey's involvement in the Karabakh war, as he expressed his readiness to go to Brussels to face NATO members about Ankara's actions in the Caucasus and its impact on the European Union's security.

The Armenian President expressed his astonishment at NATO's behavior towards Ankara, saying: "How is one of NATO members acting freely like a cowboy without any reaction by NATO? Does this mean that it had the green light from NATO?"

Sargsyan demanded NATO to provide explanations about why "Turkish weapons, drones and F-16s participated in the bombing of Armenia and Armenian civilians in large numbers. These are NATO-made weapons: the engines are from Austria, avionics from Canada and missile parts from Britain."

Sargsyan said he is also ready to travel to Paris, London and Berlin to present the Armenian issue to European leaders.

Sargsyan added that he wanted the German chancellor to understand that "the war of Turkey and Azerbaijan will create another Syria, and will make Turkey the main cause of creating an energy crisis for Europe."

Sargsyan added: "I have an impression that Erdogan is creating a state of instability and breaking the status quo everywhere, and that Europe and NATO's apparent inability to influence on Ankara threatens their credibility."

Sargsyan stressed that he believes that the Turkish intervention will permanently reshape the geopolitics of the South Caucasus by turning Azerbaijan into a launching point for Turkish influence across the wider region and the vital pipeline network.

He warned that the Syrian mercenaries can prove to be a long-term destabilizing factor in the region: "They will create another region of instability there that threatens Azerbaijan, Russia, Armenia and Iran."


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