Arîn Mîrkan's mother, her sibling vow to continue her path until Afrin liberation  

The family of the activist Arîn Mîrkan recalled their daughter on the fifth anniversary of her martyrdom, renewed their pledge to continue their daughter's path and that, as Kobani was liberated, they would liberate Afrin

In remembrance of the fifth anniversary of the carrying out of the struggler Arîn Mîrkan of self- sacrifice operation that inflicted severe pain of ISIS mercenaries on the hill of Mashta Noor, the struggler Arîn Mîrkan's mother, Wahida Hanan, and her brother Bashar Sheikh Khamis talked to (ANHA) about some of their memories with the struggler.

Arîn Mîrkan's mother indicated before joining the ranks of the Kurdistan Liberation Movement that her name will resonate in the world and said: "you will be a proud of me, "We did not understand her destination at the time, but I now realized the content of her message."

Wahida Hanan noted that " Arîn has proven her worth and assured the whole world that there is no force that can undermine the will of Kurdish women, and that there are many rebel activists such as Kibrîtan and Zelan and to Avista and Barin, who made their bodies a bridge to cross into free life.

"Thanks to the sacrifices of thousands of martyrs, Kobani was liberated from the hands of mercenaries, and with the help of our troops they will continue the path that the martyrs have set for them to liberate Afrin," she said.

We promise to follow our sister's path

For his part, the brother of the activist Arîn Mîrkan, Bashar Sheikh Khamis "Arîn always referred to her dreams and said I did not succeed in completing my education, but I will excel in my life, and she did not say what was in her mind."

Bashar added, "The self- sacrifice operation carried out by Arîn Mîrkan was able to break the will of the enemy and disperse it, including the liberation of Kobani, and we promise our sister to follow her path, and as Kobani city has has been liberated by the virtue of fighters' sacrifices, we will free Afrin, and Afrin will not remain in the hands of the occupation."




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