Asia Abdullah called on clans' notables to take decisive situation against Turkish threats

Member of the General Coordination of Kongra Star, Asia Abdullah called on representatives and tribal elders of the Kurdish tribes to join forces against the Turkish threats, and that the demand for the liberation of Afrin is one of the first outputs of the tribal forum.

The tribal forum in Deirk continues in delivering speeches, and in the context of the forum, member of the General Coordination of the Kongra Star Asia Abdallah delivered a speech in which she called for protecting the gains of the Rojava revolution and taking a firm stand against the Turkish threats.

Asia Abdullah first spoke about the military tournaments led by the Kurdish people, which culminated in the defeat of ISIS mercenaries, and also touched upon the major tournaments embodied by Kurdish women at various levels, especially military and political.

"The resistance continues against the threats to the north and east of Syria at the present time, especially the threats of the Turkish state," she added.   The heroic resistance of Afrin is even more evident. "

Asia Abdullah called on Kurdish tribes and tribes to unite against threats to the region. The various Kurdish tribes, tribal elders, and the present Kurdish political parties should work continuously to defend the region against threats that were exposed to, she also called for the liberation of Afrin from the first output of this forum, ending the Turkish occupation and expressing a firm stance towards what the Kurdish people are exposed to, because it is the firm positions that will stop these threats.

Asia Abdullah stressed the importance of protecting and defending the gains made by the Kurdish people in Rojava. "The gains made in Rojava Kurdistan are the result of the great sacrifices made by the Kurdish people, therefore, we must preserve these gains, until a solution to the Kurdish issue and thus the solution to the Syrian crisis, and Rojava's experience to be able to resolve this crisis.

A member of the General Coordination of Kongra Star Asia Abdullah concluded her speech to "escalate the pace of resistance and struggle to maintain these gains from all external threats."



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