Assad: Erdogan is immoral, not respect himself and war on terrorism is not over

President of the Syrian regime Bashar al-Assad again attacked Turkey and described the attempt to blackmail Erdogan Europe on the subject of the return of terrorists as an immoral act, while he renewed of his denial of using chemical weapons.


Syrian President Bashar al-Assad stressed in an interview with the French magazine Paris Match that the war against terrorism in Syria is not over despite the great progress in it, that terrorism is still present in the northern regions, and the support provided to terrorists is still continuing from Turkey and other countries.

Assad again attacked Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, saying that "Erdogan is trying to blackmail Europe on the issue of returning terrorists to their countries and this is immoral."

"Self-respecting does not speak in this way, there are institutions and there is a law. The issue of sending terrorists or any convicted person to another country is subject to bilateral agreements between states," he said. "To get someone out of prison and you know that he is a terrorist and send him to another country to kill civilians is immoral."

Regarding the accusations of his regime's use of chemical weapons, Assad said, "There is no single evidence so far. The use of such a weapon would have killed hundreds or thousands of victims and this did not happen. The Syrian army was advancing in the face of terrorists. This account was used in two cases: either we have made significant progress and therefore we must stop, in the sense of threat, or we are preparing a large operation, and therefore threaten before the operation begins.

"Secondly, we are progressing well, so why do we need chemical weapons? That is the question. The most important point is that every place we enter there are civilians and their lives return to normal. How did they stay there while we use chemical weapons? In fact, the lies in the Western media and in politics Western has no limits on this subject. "



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