Austria attacks Turkey and calls for it to stop sowing discord

Today, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz accused Turkey of sowing discord and creating an atmosphere in his country that serves its own interests.

"Turkey is spreading strife and creating an atmosphere that serves its own interests in Austria, and this is a misuse of people with Turkish roots who live in Europe," Kurtz said, in comments reported by the Austrian TV website.

Yesterday, the Austrian Foreign Ministry summoned the Turkish ambassador, Ozan Sihon, and informed him of the need to stop incitement and desist from describing the demonstrators as "supporters of terrorist organizations" against the backdrop of riots that erupted on the sidelines of a Kurdish demonstration in Vienna.

On that, Kurz said that the Foreign Ministry summoned the Turkish ambassador to explain to him, "There must be an end to Turkey's attempts to influence the people here in Austria, and to exploit their struggles."

He continued: "Turkey talks about the existence of police violence against the Austrians of Turkish origin here, and I strongly exclude that."

As for Austrian Interior Minister, Karl Niehamer, he said in press statements today that "it is a little left for Turkey to follow the path of de-escalation."=

Turkey, for its part, also summoned the Austrian ambassador to Ankara for discussion, in parallel with a similar step by Austria, which reflects a diplomatic crisis between the two countries.

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