Because of their rejection of Turkish project, Gendarmerie deported them to Al-Raqqa

Abd al-Hilal al-Jaloud, from the eastern countryside of Al-Raqqa, recounted the story of his sons and the three options they rejected that pushed them to return to their village without paper trial or money after they were stripped of them by the Turkish Gendarmerie.


Turkey has been trying since the beginning of the Syrian crisis to use the Syrian youth to serve its interests materially or religiously by plunging them into battles that only serve Turkey or using them as a pressure card on Europe as refugees that flood to Europe in large numbers.
However, the awareness of some Syrian youth and their refusal to serve the Turkish policy is a pressure factor on the youth, as the Turkish Gendarmes chose Al-Raqqa youth after offering them to keep their families under the care of the Turkish government by providing their families with care in exchange of becoming tools for in the Turkish project.

The options that the Turkish Gendarmerie made were three, either to go to Libya or Greece to push them to Europe or join the so-called  opposition National Army that supports Turkey in occupying several areas in Syria.

Abd al-Hilal al-Jaloud is a man in his seventies from the eastern countryside of Al-Raqqa, “ al-Awja village ,” telling Hawar News Agency what happened with his sons who were forced to return to their village, after they refused Turkey’s requests from them, saying: “The Turkish Gendarmerie arrested his sons as part of his campaign in Istanbul, they are: Ahmed Abdel-Hilal, born in 1968, Khaled Abdel-Hilal, born in 1987, and their families, consisting of 11 people, including 6 children.

Hilal continued his speech: "Turkey has imposed on my children three options: either recruiting them among the ranks of Syrian mercenaries and sending them to Libya to fight and pay a lot of money to them and their families, or displace them back to European countries or strip them of money and paper trials and deport them to Syria."

Hilal also referred to his sons refusing to fight alongside mercenaries, saying: "My sons refused to join mercenaries and fight alongside them in Libya for money and bloodshed, and they also refused to go to Europe, but they agreed to return to Syria after Turkey stripped them of all the documents. in addition to the money they have. " Al-Hilal concluded his speech, denouncing the Turkish government’s approach toward Syria, that claimed to be standing by the Syrian people. Today it began to throw them into a war that they have nothing to do with, but rather serves the interests of the Ottoman Empire.

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