Bloomberg: An American concern about relations between Israel and China

American sources revealed an American concern about the relations between China and Israel and expected American pressure on Tel Aviv to keep it away from Beijing.

The agency quoted "Bloomberg", according to US sources, whose identity has not been released, that Washington is monitoring academic projects between the two countries, especially in the field of technology development.

The same sources indicated that until now, the measures that the states could take against its ally in the Middle East, Israel, were not discussed to pressure him to stop its cooperation with Chinese universities.

The United States believes that the Israeli authorities should take US political and military interests into consideration in any dealings with China, according to Bloomberg.

The agency stressed that US officials had earlier expressed their concerns about strengthening economic cooperation between China and Israel, before they included on the agenda of Beijing and Tel Aviv the issue of scientific and technological cooperation.

The volume of trade exchange between China and Israel has doubled in recent years and reached 11.9 billion dollars annually.


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