Bombings and ongoing clashes in demilitarized zone

On Tuesday, the clashes have escalated by heavy artillery between elements of the regime forces and mercenaries of the Turkish occupation in the "demilitarized zones," and targeted the neighborhoods of Aleppo which are populated.

In the details of the city of Aleppo, local sources told our agency, Hawar news (ANHA) on Tuesday that the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation stationed in the vicinity of the observation points in the neighborhood of al-Rashdin in Aleppo, included within the "demilitarized zone," targeted the neighborhood of the Zahra Association and New Aleppo with explosive bullets.

While the forces of the regime stationed in the area of Sheikh Najjar and al-Mahallab barracks in Masaken al-Sabil neighborhood responded to the sources of the shelling, targeting the towns of Andan and Kafr Hamra, northwest of Aleppo, and al-Rashdin neighborhood (Scientific Research) and it west.

According to the information provided by the source, after the bombing, mutual clashes broke out between the two parties and continued until the night.



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