Bou Rajab clan: ISIS is the Ottoman artery and we owe it to SDF

" ISIS mercenaries are the artery of the Ottoman Empire and the four years of ISIS occupation are only the completion of 400 years of the Ottoman occupation," said sheikh of Bou Rajab clan, stressing that they owe the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) which liberated their land in a statement the clan in al-Tabqa area released.

The statement read by sheikh of the clan, Ahmad Kano included, "We, as members of the Arab tribes in the region, see the Turkish threats to northern and eastern Syria only as a cowardly act of terror and any attack is an attack on all the peoples of the region and an attempt to dismantle the social fabric that draws Mosaic of brotherhood of peoples and coexistence."

In the statement, he pointed to the integration of Arab tribes in the region with the Syrian Democratic Forces, "Our regions experienced the worst historical period during its submission under the grip of ISIS mercenaries 4 years in which our children tasted the scourge by these mercenaries which are the artery Ottoman in the region, but the Syrian Democratic Forces undertook ridding our people of this injustice and were able to do it so with historic battles witnessed by the whole world, so today we owe these heroes."

The statement stressed the need to commit to solutions to get out of the Syrian crisis and the ongoing conflicts in the region through the Syrian-Syrian dialogue, saying, "It is not possible today to get out of the protracted Syrian crisis and exhausted the Syrian people only through the Syrian dialogue table, which guarantees all rights to all the Syrian people. We have thus removed an era of darkness that has blurred our reality as the people of Syria throughout history. "

It is noteworthy that the Arab tribes in al-Tabqa region issued a number of statements in which they affirmed their firm positions towards the Syrian Democratic Forces, which liberated their areas and continue to defend them, stressing in the overall data that they are the basic nucleus to defend these gains.


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