British delegation meets DAA, TEV-DEM members in Kobani

A British delegation arrived to Kobani canton at Euphrates region and was welcomed by members of the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) and the Democratic Society Movement (TEV- DEM).

KOBANI -The British delegation, which arrived in Rojava through the Sêmalka border crossing met with the co-chairs of the Autonomous Administration in Kobani canton and representatives of Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM).

The delegation included Lloyd Russell Moyle, a British Labor Party deputy, Lord Morris Glassman, British Senate’s senator Simon Dibbing, director of the International Trade Union Office, Ryan Fletcher, union official in Britain, and Ibrahim Dugos, director of the Kurdish Progress Center with them the co-chair of Foreign Body in al-Jazeera canton Abdul Karim Omar.

At the beginning of their conversation, the delegation congratulated the birthday of the Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocelan, which is today, April 4, noting that they did not have the opportunity to plant a tree on this occasion, according to Lord Maurice Glassman.

Lord Morris then pointed out that they were affected by Kobani war and the world was affected, especially by the resistance shown by the children of Rojava to the most dangerous terrorist organization he also noted that they see and know what is happening in Afrin massacres against the people of the bombing and massacres by the Turkish occupation army, as well as what the Turkish government seeks to carry out; the demographic change of the areas of Afrin.

As for the experience of North Syria the delegation explained that the roots of democracy are based on society, not parliamentarians and governments, as Lloyd said, "We saw democracy here in Rojava."

For his part, the Co –chair of the Executive Council of Kobani canton Anwar Muslim talked about, among other things, the resistance of Kobani as well as the pursuit of the Turkish state and some regional countries to thwart the project of North Syria. Anwar Muslim also noted that what happened in Şengal by IS gangs the Yazidis to change their religion gets Now to the Yezidis in Afrin by mercenaries of the Turkish occupation army.

The Co-Chair of the Executive Council of Kobani canton Berivan Hassan, said that the revolution of Rojava was the beginning of the revolution of women to extricate themselves from the Baathist regimes, which eliminated the rights of women through customs and traditions where women initially faced society and the family to gain their rights and then faced IS gangs in Kobani war.

In conclusion, Lord Morris confirmed that there will be further visits to British delegations to North Syria and a larger number and also invited to attend a delegation from the north of Syria, especially from Kobani to go to Britain to talk about the resistance of Kobani and the experience of North Syria in front of the British Parliament.

The purpose of the visit of the British delegation to North Syria is to follow up the situation in Rojava and North Syria in general and to report to the British administration on their observation.

The delegation is scheduled to visit the shrine of the martyrs and the places where fighting witnessed in Kobani.



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